The Brooke Berson Founder's Award

The Brooke Berson Founder's Award is presented by AHVAP in honor of Brooke Berson, a value analysis professional who strategically initiated a formal steering committee that evolved into the structure and bylaws of AHVAP.

The Brooke Berson Founder's Award is a dedication award provided by the association and is given to an individual who has demonstrated an extraordinary level of leadership and professionalism in the value analysis profession, and who has made significant contributions and strides within AHVAP. The award is presented at the AHVAP Annual Conference & Supplier Showcase. Each recipient is recognized for their dedication and contribution to the association. 



Selection Process:

All nominees must be a current AHVAP member. Nominations are reviewed by the Nominating and Awards Committee with recommendations provided to the AHVAP Board of Directors for final approval.   

The following general criteria are considered in the selection process:

  • Areas of achievements by the nominee
  • Recruitment of professionals into VA or AHVAP
  • Positions held or Activities within AHVAP
  • Demonstration of support of VA and AHVAP
  • Promotion of positive image of Healthcare VA
  • Articles, presentations, panels, seminars nominee wrote or participated in
  • Previous honors and awards
  • Certifications


The honor will be awarded to the recipient during the Annual Conference Meeting and Award Ceremony of the Association for Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals. 

 Nomination Instructions:

  1. Complete the Nomination Form below including a summary in the testimonial section that reflects the nominee's:    

  • Success in Healthcare Value Analysis through their achievements and visibility within the profession.
  • Professional contributions, support of AHVAP and advancement of Healthcare Value Analysis.
  • Personal and professional attributes that showcase their integrity, creativity, ethics, dedication, commitment to community and profession.

   2. (Optional, not required) Attach Nominee’s CV or Resume that may address:

  • Articles and/or publications written by the nominee
  • Presentations given by nominee
  • Faculty Service
  • Community Service

  3. Any other documentation that supports the nominee 

  • This material should reflect the nominee’s activities within the past five years.

Nominations Deadline:  August 1, 2023


Previous Award Winners:

2022-Dee Donatelli

2021-Beth Potter

2020-Susan Miller

2019-Barbara Strain