Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional (CVAHPTM

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is eligible to sit for the Certified Value Analysis Healthcare Professional (CVAHPTM) Certification examination?

Applicants must meet the following requirement experience-related required to be eligible for the certification: 

  • 2 years formal post-secondary education or higher AND 3 years cumulative experience in a Value Analysis role*

*Cumulative experience is defined as the total length of time employed with responsibility for value analysis activities. The experience does not have to be consecutive or with a single employer. Value Analysis experience may come from work at at a healthcare facility, industry partner, or other work directly related to healthcare value analysis. For questions regarding eligibility, please contact: [email protected]

Experience will be verified by:

  • Submission of a letter of reference from the applicant’s manager/director/supervisor that the candidate performs the job functions of a value analysis professional and meets the requirements to sit for certification, or
  • Submitting a copy of their job description that specifies responsibility for the job functions of a value analysis professional and confirmation from their human resources department of their tenure in this role (may be documentation from more than one organization in the event they changed employers)

Please submit your supervisor's letter of reference or job description when you submit your certification application. Supporting documents should be submitted to the AHVAP Certification Center via email: [email protected]

2. How long is the CVAHPTM certification exam? 

The CVAHPTM certification exam is 100 scored questions in length, and candidates have up to two (2) hours to take the examination at either a Prometric testing center or remotely using a secure proctor platform provided by Prometric. 

3. Where can I take the CVAHPTM certification exam?

Candidates can take the examination at either a Prometric testing center or remotely using a secure proctor platform provided by Prometric.

4. Can I pursue the CVAHPTM Certification if I'm not currently working in healthcare value analysis?

Absolutely! Your experience needed to confirm eligibility for the certification is cumulative, and is not required to be sequential. 

5. Can an Industry Partner sit for the CVAHPTM certification exam?

Yes, if the Industry Partner meets all eligibility requirements for the CVAHPTM certification exam. 

6. How often do I need to renew my CVAHPTM Certification?

The CVAHPTM designation requires renewal every three (3) years. Recertification can be accomplished using forty-five (45) hours of continuing education credits OR retaking the certification examination. There are NO extensions to AHVAP Certification Center certifications or micro-credentials. Candidates are solely responsible for maintaining their certification designation. 

7. Can I take the CVAHPTM Certification exam multiple times if I don't pass on my first attempt?

Candidates may take the CVAHPTM Certification exam twice in a twenty-four (24) month time period which begins from the date of the second exam attempt. This practice is consistent with industry best practices to ensure exam security and also to maintain fairness for all candidates. Candidates that fail the exam twice, will not be permitted to take the Certification exam again for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of the second unsuccessful attempt. Candidates are encouraged to enroll in the various AHVAP Certification Center micro-credentials programs during this time period to enhance their knowledge regarding the domains of the certification examination. 

8. What is the best way to study for the CVAHPTM Certification exam? 

While the AHVAP Certification Center is not permitted to make any formal recommendations or endorsements of certification preparatory materials, we recommend studying our detailed exam blueprint, the AHVAP Glossary of Terms for Value Analysis, and develop your personal study plan based on these materials. 

9. What is meant by the term "source" in the new AHVAP Certification Center Continuing Education guidelines? Does this mean that I cannot earn continuing education credits from only AHVAP? 

The word source in our new policy means a single event, such as the AHVAP Annual Conference and Industry Partner Expo for a particular year. You can certainly earn all of your continuing education credits from AHVAP sources, but they must be from different programs, such as webinars, our Annual Conference, podcasts, and AHVAP University programs. If you attend multiple AHVAP Annual Conferences over the course of multiple years, those count as separate sources, and meet the requirements in the new continuing education requirements.  

10. Are there any prerequisites or eligibility requirements to take the AHVAP Certification Center micro-credentialing programs? 

No, there are no eligibility requirements or prerequisite requirements for any of the AHVAP Certification Center micro-credentialing programs. These programs are open to all interested parties, and AHVAP membership is not required for participation. 

11. Do I need to be an AHVAP member in order to take the CVAHPTM board certification?

No, membership is NOT required to take any of the AHVAP Certification Center credentialing programs, which includes the CVAHPTM board certification. Membership in AHVAP is optional, but does afford certificants with significant financial savings. For more information regarding AHVAP membership, visit www.ahvap.org

For additional questions regarding any of the AHVAP Certification Center's designations or micro-credentials, please contact our dedicated Help Desk: [email protected]