Upon becoming a member of AHVAP, you will enjoy the benefits listed below.



Regular Membership

A Regular Member shall be involved in healthcare value analysis functions and activities and employed by a hospital, health system, or organizations engaged in value analysis services such as value analysis consulting, cost reductions, quality improvements and benchmarking. Regular members cannot be involved in sales activities or promotional activities if employed outside of a hospital or health system.

(A Retiree Member will have the same benefits as a Regular Member at a discounted price. Learn more here.

Professional Development

  • Your ongoing development is critical no matter where you are in your career. Join a group that’s dedicated to growing, changing, and perfecting their professions. We foster a supportive environment where you can dare to try new things, cultivate new ideas, and helping to change the industry. AHVAP provides the value analysis professional with an opportunity to prepare for the ever-changing healthcare landscape and glean knowledge from their peers while staying ahead of the curve on industry updates. Members receive discount registration fees on all AHVAP continuing education opportunities and even the Professional Standards Certification!

Getting Involved + Networking Opportunities

  • Build your professional circle by joining in. We promote a welcoming environment that engages new and experienced members alike, connecting their common interest in Healthcare Value Analysis. As part of our website, we offer an online forum. Members can post questions, share documents, and receive feedback from colleagues. The Conference Committee, Education Committee, Industry and Business Education Collaborative, Membership Committee, and Marketing Committee welcome your assistance!

Monthly E-Newsletter

  • Our members enjoy a subscription to our quarterly electronic newsletter, which is full of the latest news and trends in Healthcare Value Analysis. It’s also a great way to stay abreast of your association at work and learn about upcoming events.

AHVAP Resources

  • Take advantage of a wealth of resources on AHVAP’s members-only website. You will find information on negotiating, contracting, and even a Value Analysis Toolkit in the AHVAP Library. There are Best Practices documents of all kinds, contributed by our members, for your own use and learning benefit, as well as the AHVAP Value Analysis Matrix, created by the Education Committee. The Value Analysis Matrix enables members to evaluate clinical products, equipment and technologies for clinical efficacy, safety, utilization, and impact on organizational resources. The website is also a great place to stay current with association events and opportunities.

Affiliate Membership

An Affiliate Member shall be employed in the following or related healthcare fields: suppliers, trade press, GPO’s, distributors not directly involved in any value analysis activities such as: value analysis consulting, cost reductions, quality improvements, and benchmarking and/or is involved in sales and promotions.

  • Networking with Members and Access to the Member Directory
  • Learn the process of Value Analysis and strategize partnerships with members to enhance cost, quality, and outcomes to promote your products more effectively, improve your marketing and ultimately:
    • Use less resources (time and money)
    • Proactively identify new product request requirements
    • Close more deals
  • Enhance integration into the value analysis process through a comprehensive understanding of decision-making priorities
  • Be on the forefront of industry changes in healthcare through collaboration with national thought leaders in Value Analysis.
  • Participating in AHVAP committees and projects enables manufacturers to empathize and learn the initiatives and environmental factors Value Analysis Coordinators experience daily. That shared experience enables manufacturers to develop VA solutions from a closer perspective aligned with their VACs.
  • Educational Resources (webinars, podcasts, whitepapers, etc.)
  • Meetings and conferences

Retiree Membership

A Retiree Member shall have met regular membership criteria and been a member in good standing  the year prior to their renewal, be age 62 or greater at the time of renewal as indicated by their date of birth on the application form, no longer be employed in a value analysis position and cannot be involved in sales activities or promotional activities if employed outside of a hospital or health system.

 A Retiree Member will have the same benefits as a Regular Member at a discounted price. Learn more here.

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