Mission & Purpose

AHVAP Mission

To provide and promote processes and information to assist Value Analysis Professionals in evaluating healthcare services for clinical quality and cost effectiveness.

AHVAP Vision

Value Analysis is recognized as an essential component of the delivery of healthcare. The Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals is nationally recognized as the preeminent clinical resource in providing education and resources and networking to its membership and promoting Value Analysis in the healthcare community.

Statement of Purpose

One question that value analysis professionals face inside and outside of their respective healthcare organizations is: "What exactly do you do?” This is a challenging question for most value analysis professionals due to the broad scope of their role in their healthcare organization’s supply/value chain.

The average healthcare organization utilizes anywhere from 5,000 to 17,000 products, services and technologies in any given year. As primary investigators and facilitators of major product and practice changes, value analysis professionals are involved in key product, service and technology decision processes within their healthcare organizations. Given their potential to influence major product and practice decisions, how does a value analysis professional explain their role and responsibilities to their administrators, clinicians and peers?

In an effort to clarify and assist our healthcare industry to define a Value Analysis Professional’s purpose in their respective healthcare organizations, the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals has developed the "AVHAP Value Analysis Statement of Purpose."

Healthcare value analysis contributes to optimal patient outcomes through an evidenced-based systematic approach to review healthcare products, equipment, technology and services.  Using recognized practices, organizational resources collaborate to evaluate clinical efficacy, appropriate use and safety for the greatest financial value.©

In short, a value analysis professional is dedicated to providing optimal value in healthcare. Given that there are many different philosophies and brands of value analysis in the marketplace today which causes confusion for value analysis professionals, AHVAP, through feedback from its membership, believes that it is important to clarify our role and purpose.

Nila Getter, a Past President of AHVAP explains the Statement of Purpose was developed by an AHVAP working committee made up of seasoned Value Analysis Professionals throughout the US in collaboration with the AHVAP Board. AHVAP tasked the best of the best in the value analysis profession with over 125 years of aggregate experience in healthcare value analysis to develop this Statement of Purpose for our membership and industry.

AHVAP calls on all value analysis professionals, AHVAP Members and supply chain professionals involved in Value Analysis to promote this Statement of Purpose in a number of recommended ways:

  1. Add AHVAP to Your resume/bio/Curriculum vitae and LinkedIn or other social media professional profiles (e.g., Member- Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals), #wearevalueanalysis).
  2. Add the Statement of Purpose to your email tag line to help promote the profession ,
  3. Print out, share and discuss the Statement of Purpose with your Value Analysis Committees/Teams, clinicians and senior management,

Share this Statement of Purpose with your vendors and manufacturers so they better understand the goals and objectives related to value analysis